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Executive Individual Plan

The Hard Edge™ 24-week Executive Individual Challenge may be just what you need to re-energise your career and restore the vigour required to thrive at the sharp end of your organisation!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

In this challenging economic climate it’s now more important than ever for corporate men and women to be in battle-hardened shape in order to stay at the very top of their game..

Don’t be forced into “Burn-out, Bale-out or getting Booted-out” when there IS a better option! You can increase resilience, harness stress and boost productivity! Rediscover The Hard Edge of your hunter-gatherer ancestors, and come out on top in the corporate jungle!

This individual Hard Edge challenge is personally delivered to your home or office anywhere in the world by one of our hand-picked Corporate Physique Specialists. But be careful – they’re not to be messed with!

They’ll work side by side with you to create “short and punchy” training programmes that will toughen your frame and strengthen your mind. They’ll design high-performance eating plans that will boost energy, increase immunity and supercharge your performance, health and lifestyle!

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So, What To Do Now?

The Hard Edge™ Executive Health & Performance Challenge is tailor-made and delivered personally to you in your home or office anywhere in the world, entirely at your convenience, by one of our hand-picked team of experts.

Upon receiving your details, we will contact you promptly and organise an informal interview, either in person or on the telephone, where any questions you may have will be answered and the details of your programme can be discussed.

There is no charge for this initial meeting, and of course you are under absolutely no obligation whatsoever. It’s simply an opportunity to find out whether taking up The Hard Edge™ Challenge is appropriate or not for both parties.

It couldn’t be easier – simply email us and we will be in touch almost immediately!

Alternatively you are always welcome to call us directly on +44 (0) 20 8870 4557.