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Executive Individual Plan

Executive Individual Plan

The Hard Edge™ 24-week Executive Individual Challenge may be just what you need to re-energise your career and restore the vigour required to thrive at the sharp end of your organisation!

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Corporate Wellness Plan

Corporate Wellness Plan

Utilising a blend of keynote, seminar and workshop presentations, everyone in your company can experience the benefits of better health, energy, recovery, confidence, engagement, mood and ZEST..!

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Executive Team Plan

Executive Team Plan

This exciting team-building challenge is launched at your office or off-site venue anywhere in the world by our hand-picked Corporate Physique Specialists. Company Officers, Partners, Management teams, Sales teams – this great initiative generates a tremendous spirit of both cohesion and competition in those who play their best game at The Hard Edge™ of your business!

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Hard Edge Plan Testimonials

Mark Timbrell - CEO

“Just twelve weeks later and the results were remarkable, energy levels were massively up and I could see that I was quite literally changing shape! Business and sport were not...

Garey Hanifin - New Zealand

“I started to view food and exercise differently – I began eating for nutrition, not just for comfort or out of habit. I loved the work-outs and found them a...

Jonathan Biles - United Arab Emirates

“Tim Bean has asked me to say a few words about The Hard Edge Programme so I shall try to tell you briefly what it has done for me: My...

Ray Martin - Thailand

“Quite apart from looking and feeling better after the Challenge, I am mentally sharper and more alert.” – Ray Martin, CEO, Thailand

R.W. - London

“I personally lost in excess of 30lbs on the original IoPM Challenge some 7 years ago, and since then have kept a regular check system in place – vital for...

David Pounds - CEO

“The pictures and the reduction in blood pressure are fantastic! Saving lives is what you are doing” – David Pounds, CEO

James C - New York

“This programme has changed everything. I can’t believe the difference this has made” – James C, CEO, New York

Ray H - London

“Unfortunately I will never be able to express in words how much you have changed my life, but I have jotted down a few of the benefits I have gained...

Ulf H - Frankfurt

“This has certainly brought the group together and, outside of work issues, we find we now have a common topic to talk about and compare notes on” – Ulf H,...

Chris H - London

“Well none of my suits fit me any more so I wander around the office holding my trousers up! I am still rapidly losing weight – the reaction from colleagues...

Michael S - USA

“I always felt that I had good energy levels, but now I have even more!” – Michael S, MD, Pittsburgh, USA

Ken Smith - CEO - NZ

“I have gained excellent knowledge of nutrition, fitness training and motivation that will assist me to live a healthy and extended life. I personally have lost in excess of 35Kg...

Steven J - London

“I have greater clarity and focus on major decisions” – Steven J, MD, London

Bill M - USA

“I am getting back into the shape I was in 15 years ago. One year on I am still on the program and feel better than ever. Thanks for your...

Geoff B - Singapore

“This routine has longevity, as it is essential to maintain the physical ability to perform well mentally” – Geoff B, CFO, Singapore

David Fitzgerald

“One other major benefit of the programme for me has been the difference it has made to my golf game. I am at least 50 yards longer off the tee...

Jemima Khan - London

“Tim and Anne have succeeded in changing the way their clients look, feel and live.” – Jemima Khan, London

Zarea - London

“I’ve lost count of the number of diets I’ve been on over the years, so I was naturally skeptical at first of doing yet another weight-loss regime. This time I...

Lady Cosima Somerset

“Without bullying or nagging Tim Bean has changed my life. His approach has inspired self discipline. I juggle a heavy business schedule and family on a daily basis and without...

Leonie Frieda - UK

“My beauty secret? Handing over the maintenance of my body to Tim Bean and Anne Laing. Nothing looks better than a person who looks healthy . .. .you glow.” –...

D.C. - Managing Director

“A truly life-changing program. My entire enjoyment of life has been increased and I could never have done it without you taking me through this 12 week process with the...

Graeme C. - CEO

“It’s good to know there’s someone who can come on board and take care of everything for you.” – Graeme C., CEO

A.F - Managing Director

“First and foremost, a huge thank you for all you did to help me meet my challenge. Your enthusiasm, support and creativity ensured that I would succeed. And what I...

Rebecca - London

“I was worried the regime would be too tough and that I wouldn’t be able to stick with it, but it turned out fine. The food is great and I’m...

Reza Hasheminia, CEO, Tehran

“Dear Tim, Thank you for your Wellbeing sessions on the Executive MBA programme. Because of your lessons now I’m drinking water 2-3 times more than in the past, watching my...

Karsten Moller - UK

“In reviewing our progress to date it is clear that you have achieved success with each of us. For me, the initial meetings, where we discussed the framework and philosophy...


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